Gangs of New York

"Gangs of New York" and a documentary produced by the Obamas join.
A placid gray sky, so full of disinterest. Or anger. Or hope. It may say nothing to you. But in fact, it says everything.
This case is a perfect microcosm of how both sides of the immigration debate are not helping the cause and both sides are getting more entrenched. I'm a firm believer that this country is a melting pot and that is what has made us an unstoppable force; however, it would be mistaken to think that this animosity toward immigrants is new.
When walking around NYC, most people don't pay much attention to the city's darker side. But beneath Gotham's glamour lurks a seedy past. A modern-day concrete jungle may conceal the sin and violence of yore you'll see the depravity that exists behind the present-day facade.
Day-Lewis currently resides in Ireland with his wife Rebecca Miller and their two children (he has another son from a previous
Well, the list is out. Thus beginning the exciting road to what is the biggest night for Hollywood. But much of my enthusiasm was lost when I realized who was missing -- begging one very obvious question: WHY DOES THE ACADEMY HATE LEO?!
Should Capitol Hill be looking to Hollywood for better scripts? Actor George Clooney thinks that while Democrats have accomplished a great deal for the U.S., they "have done a terrible job so far" of getting this through to Americans.
If the world comes down so hard on Israel when it defends itself against years of rocket attacks from genocidal terrorists, how will they react to these killings against a "humanitarian mission" that has worldwide support?
Here's hoping Leo and Kate do many more films together. But for now, let's celebrate their careers to-date with a sampling of their more interesting, lesser-known work, both pre-and post-Titanic.