gap year

I also got used to, and am very good at buying groceries at local markets; even if I have to take a few extra seconds to
There’s a belief that travel is the door through which we find ourselves. So “gap year” students, Molly, Polly and Lolly
It is easy to joke about moving to Canada, but the truth is we need you here, there and everywhere.
When I was about to graduate from college in the US, I was given loads of advice from friends, family, colleagues, professors
So, you’ve just graduated. Now what? If you’re not sure “what you want to do for the rest of your life.” Or even if you are
My second oldest child left home last week, hopping on a plane to spend a gap year abroad before she starts college. The year before, I sent my oldest daughter off on pretty much the same trip so you'd think I would know what I was doing.
While everyone else has been focused on what they do, I've been educating myself on how to be.
The " gap year" has been a notable topic of discussion for several years. Should it be mandatory? Should it be a requirement
Imagine a world where a generation of young people engaged outside the bubble they grew up in through meaningful volunteer work, civil service or ethical travel. They would uncover a truth that is often drowned out by the noise of media, pundits and unconscious prejudice: we are all human, deserving of love, compassion and respect. In a word, ubuntu.
Tired of spending your workday sitting in an office? Or maybe you've just come back from a trip, and you've got a serious case of wanderlust? If you're like me, then you know that the more places you travel, the more you want to see and explore.
In Fiji, Valle remembers his schedule as being fluid, a concept that largely defies the rigid structure of American education
Midlife is a perfect time to take stock, change direction, sample something new. Often you operate at supersonic speed in work and home.
Perhaps the most compelling reason for taking a gap year is that it offers a unique opportunity that will likely never reappear. For prospective students thinking about the next step in their lives: Don't rule out anything, including a gap year.
Although Gap Years have been around for a long time, America is just waking up to the trend. The fact we are already talking about this issue at the beginning of our formal association is indicative that we will achieve this diversity gap quicker than our formal academy friends.
And in case you're wondering if forgoing that year of work experience will "look bad" to future employers, the answer, at least for me, is "no." The key is to do something valuable with your time, and then highlighting this experience on your resume and during interviews.
Twelve of those months were spent traveling across 26 countries on six continents; the rest of the time has been dedicated to re-acclimating to life in one place, for now, surrounded by familiar faces and things. The lessons I learned out there have helped immeasurably with the transition back here.
I really believe there's never been a better time to take a gap year. My generation will spend more years of their life working than perhaps any other in history. So we better spend our lives doing something we enjoy.
When our youngest son told us that he wasn't interested in college tours, and needed a break from school, I wasn't really surprised. He had been miserable in school for most of his four years of high school, and the idea of going straight to college was something he did not want to do.
Taking a gap year is, simply put, taking time out to follow pursuits in an effort to grow and evolve as an individual before approaching the next milestone in life.