garland texas shooting

The deathblow to xenophobia against Syrian refugees here was the actual identities of the attackers--virtually all of those involved, aside from the dead owner of the passport, were either French or Belgian.
Last Friday, a biker gang of about 250 armed protesters, carrying assault rifles, pistols, American flags and depictions
"It's exactly acts like this that we pray don't happen, and when they do we have a responsibility to speak out against it
As of Thursday afternoon, more than 200 people had RSVPd for the protest on Facebook. A group of bikers in Arizona are planning
Our long history as a persecuted and often taunted minority does not allow us to stand by in silence when such an act is perpetrated against another religious community in our society. Jewish history and teaching compel us to denounce such offensive and inflammatory behavior.
He delivered the speech at the South Carolina Freedom Summit in Greenville, which drew roughly a dozen Republican candidates
The Islamic State group has tried to claim credit for Sunday's attack, though Reuters reports that U.S. officials said investigators
While this may have been the intent of Paul’s statement, we think his wording – that the shooting is “an example of how we
I grew up in Garland, Texas on Princeton Street where my parents lived until a few years ago. One of my first memories is the icy January day my parents and their friends gingerly brought my new baby brother and our very woozy mother home from the hospital to our little house.
Both the Anti-Defamation league and the Southern Poverty Law Center have denounced Geller's American Freedom Defense Initiative