Garment Workers

Informal workers are essential contributors to the city and its functioning; therefore, improving their livelihoods is an
Several months ago, I felt the power of the thousands-year-old Passover story as palpably as I ever have, when I travelled to Cambodia. My sense of what it means for a people to go from slavery to freedom deepened when I spent time listening to the modern-day narratives of Cambodians who live in the shadow of a genocide that claimed 2 million lives.
Los Angeles' wage increase to $15 an hour by 2020 is an important victory. But that is four years in the future. Wage theft, however, is an entrenched system of doing business today.
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Like a storyline from a Charles Dicken's novel, this Fall's Fashion Week was the epitome of the aristocracy living high on the backs of proverbial peasants.
One moment Reshma Begum was sewing. The next she was falling from her station on the second floor into the basement of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Savar, Bangladesh.
Prevention is key but it is just as important to be prepared in case of future accidents. This can be done through an employment injury insurance (EII) scheme that spreads the risks across all employers at the national level.
The laborers inside make more than three times the country's minimum wage. Workplace safety standards are high, and the plant
Gap is proudly touting its plans to start making clothes in Myanmar. One executive even called it a "historic moment" for the beleaguered Southeast Asian country.
The U.S. imposed an embargo against Myanmar in 2003, severely restricting trade to undercut the country's military government
Divest. Get to know your closet. If you’re lucky enough to have a farmer’s market in your area, GO! Not only is fresh, local
Despite a day filled with marches and demonstrations, Phnom Penh remained relatively calm. The only government reaction: quietly relocating a dozen protesters who had camped outside the U.S. embassy. Fast forward a few weeks, and the demonstrations have taken a dramatic and deadly turn.
Walters, the Ospop owner, agreed. “It seems the bulk of negative sentiment has moved from distrust of product to something
Walmart and Gap are working on their own independent safety plan to prompt reform in Bangladesh after both retailers declined
Charney was incredulous, refusing to believe that a massive multinational corporation like H&M is incapable of raising its
"They aren't really desirable, but it's better than what they had," Chen said. "I can say 'two cheers' for everything but
York and Majid's timely film, The Machinists, is a visual document of the exploitation of garment workers in Bangladesh. The film gives voice to three young people working in the factories in Dhaka.
Both the national and the international businesses should feel as though the workers are a part of their family. The days of slave labor have to come to an end. It is better to start the process now, before more ugly incidents occur.
Akter's lifeless body was pulled from the wreckage Monday around 4 p.m., after rescue workers located her, abandoned her
In the wake of the protest, the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association and Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers
"The fundamentalist BNP [Bangladesh Nationalist Party] had called the shutdown. I was told some hired supporters went there