Gary Hart

Like its characters’ blow-out hair and brick-sized cell phones, the film -- starring Hugh Jackman -- plays out like a relic.
The movie chronicles Hart’s ascendant 1988 Democratic presidential campaign before an extramarital affair torpedoed his political career.
Well, it would almost have to, wouldn't it? Almost. Heinlein had a more sprawling five-volume collection of stories and novels
A foolish and dangerous cold war with Russia (think a renewed nuclear arms race and direct conventional military confrontations
Facebook comments are closed on this article. That future 50 years from now from which Barack Hussein Obama seemed to spring
Evidently like Bannon himself. When he joined the Trump campaign three months ago, I wrote that it was a smart choice on
Foremost of these is that the rapidly emerging new cold war with Russia is almost certainly cancelled. It is also clear that
Although Trump gave an encouraging victory speech in the middle of the night -- complete with a nice unacknowledged lift
Then, earlier this month, Wikileaks revealed that Hillary Clinton had been promoting fracking -- the best argument for which
Trump knows that white blue-collar voters will overlook his economic portfolio if they think he understands their values and needs rather than trying to imitate them.