gary herbert

The Beehive State becomes the 19th -- and one of the most conservative -- to prohibit the medically denounced practice.
The state Health Department was ordered to yank quirky condoms aimed at combatting HIV because of "sexual innuendo."
Utahns took Medicaid expansion into their own hands at the ballot box last year. The GOP legislature took it right back.
Gov. Gary Herbert pledged to "continue working" to prohibit the controversial practice in a letter to young LGBTQ activists.
The Utah Medical Cannabis Act was signed into law after lawmakers changed a bill approved by voters.
A campaign to cover 150,000 uninsured people has collected enough signatures to put the question before voters this November.
The legislation's supporters say it encourages the fostering of self-sufficiency in children.
The bill lowers the state’s blood-alcohol limit while driving to 0.05 percent.