Gary, Indiana

Police said a "large" crowd that needed evacuation triggered multiple law enforcement agencies to respond.
Abandoned houses dominate the landscape and the Indiana National Guard spent the summer bulldozing buildings.
Authorities found 15-year-old Chastinea Reeves on Tuesday after she'd gone missing.
At the church entrance, a table with rainbow cloth draped over it was the home of various MCC-related pamphlets, business cards, and a bowl of condoms. (Clearly I attended the wrong churches as a child.)
The world is becoming increasingly multipolar, not unlike the late 19th century. This is not outside the American experience.
Gary Indiana, Lizzie Borden, John Burdett, and Lee Houck -- I chose the four aforementioned artists and asked them to talk about why (or why not) a "natural-born hooker" was the central character in their films and novels.