Gary, Indiana

Abandoned houses dominate the landscape and the Indiana National Guard spent the summer bulldozing buildings.
Authorities found 15-year-old Chastinea Reeves on Tuesday after she'd gone missing.
After being diagnosed with the same disease that killed her sister, she next embarked on a battle with uncooperative lenders
At the church entrance, a table with rainbow cloth draped over it was the home of various MCC-related pamphlets, business cards, and a bowl of condoms. (Clearly I attended the wrong churches as a child.)
Riley Choate has been charged with murder, battery, neglect of a dependent, criminal confinement, altering the scene of a
The world is becoming increasingly multipolar, not unlike the late 19th century. This is not outside the American experience.
Gary Indiana, Lizzie Borden, John Burdett, and Lee Houck -- I chose the four aforementioned artists and asked them to talk about why (or why not) a "natural-born hooker" was the central character in their films and novels.
WATCH WGN's video coverage of the incident here. Jariah Henderson was pronounced dead Monday morning at Comer Children's
A 7-year-old boy was listed in critical condition Sunday after being shot in the head while attending a Christmas gathering
She further noted in an interview with Fox Chicago Wednesday that she intends to spread the message that "Gary is open for
In the bail hearing Monday, Christina Choate, Christian's 17-year-old older sister, shed new light on the final days of her
The Indiana couple accused of severely abusing and murdering 13-year-old Christian Choate is filing for divorce, and will
Bombain's trial is set for September 26. "I'm blind," Bombain told Judge Pro Tem Itsia Rivera, according to the Post-Tribune
Riley Choate, his father, and Kimberly Kubina, his stepmother, face charges of murder, battery, neglect of a dependent, confinement
According to investigators, Riley then buried the boy in a shallow grave, covered his body in concrete, and moved with Christina
Vacations are sacred, especially in America, where we work longer hours than our counterparts in Europe and still aren’t
Riley Choate is currently being held on charges of removing a body from a death scene, a felony, and misdemeanor failure
Police in Gary, Indiana are waiting for autopsy results to determine how two people found buried in a pile of horse manure
Officials in Gary, Indiana are awaiting a decision from the state on whether it can avoid making painful cuts to its already
Rudy Clay announced Friday morning that he is suspending his re-election bid due to continued treatments for prostate cancer