Dozens of tech entrepreneurs, from fledgling startups like Wistiki and Prynt, to tech powerhouses like Withings and Parrot, will gather Oct. 21 at the Pavillon Cambon Capucines to showcase their latest innovations to the press and industry analysts at CES Unveiled Paris.
If Indian policymakers continue to invest in infrastructure and expanding access to the Internet, this growth could be further accelerated.
Let's focus on revising and improving the current system rather than digging in our heels against it. Fixing a broken healthcare system offers an opportunity for some easy-but-substantial cost savings in healthcare policy that would save taxpayers billions annually. Here are a few simple fixes.
I met Vucic at the ITIC lunch and asked him how he has achieved so much in such a short period of time. He said Serbians knew that things had to change; namely, that doing things the same way would not help create jobs, cut the deficit or propel the economy.
At a time when companies are investing billions of euros to develop new and improved display technologies, imposing mandatory limits on energy use will harm progress in these vital economic and consumer interests.
Home to the second largest economy in the EU and the fifth largest economy in the world, France is increasingly a bright light for the tech industry in Europe. But more can be done to propel France as a long-term world innovation leader.
Like our Founding Fathers, we must press on with the ingenuity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that are vital to America's success. More, our leaders must recognize that innovation is critical to our country's global leadership and economic growth.
We all share the responsibility of protecting our planet. Leveraging the power of innovation, the consumer electronics industry is voluntarily leading the way to improve sustainability and increase the energy efficiency of the devices we all rely on.
Detroit's bankruptcy blueprint is a sobering reminder that the city still faces some challenging times. But Detroit Week offers a refreshing glimpse into the innovation that's already turning things around for the Motor City.
Avoid tragedy by properly securing your TV, whether it's an old CRT set you've had forever or a brand new HDTV you're just bringing home.
The men and women who launch these businesses are examples of entrepreneurship and models of the American dream. Their innovations make our neighborhoods better places to live and strengthen our economy. Remember them and shop local on November 30 -- and throughout the year.
The Virginia race exemplifies the state of politics around the country. Facing a tough economy and difficult political issues, our leaders consistently refuse to cooperate with one another. Ordinary citizens are turning on each other over petty disagreements. Meanwhile, our nation's biggest challenges go unresolved.
The Republicans have to accept that a compromise is better than a crippled nation with a dysfunctional government.
For the coming campaign, he should switch out Vice President Biden with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
The New York Times front page featured a menacing headline, "A Businessman in Congress Helps His District and Himself." However, key facts in the story are inaccurate and the headline crumbles without these facts.
The battle over free trade has taken a crass -- and dishonest -- turn thanks to an ad campaign run by the AFL-CIO which suggests a free trade agreement between the U.S. and Colombia is "about murder" of Colombian labor organizers.
Not long ago, party affiliation was important but not critical, and many, if not most, Americans probably voted for candidates of both parties at some point. Not anymore.