Gary Vaynerchuk

He is not doing for the show of it. He is not doing it for shock value. He is doing it when he is particularly fired up about
Although the question was worded this way in the book, I believe Gary's response fits with any kind of business. Whether
Technology enabled us to respond faster, to be out there for our clients and it all boils down to understanding both analytics and people; not confusing when to make decisions with our brains and when with our hearts.
It was so much fun for me to interview Gary Vaynerchuk at Cannes Lions this past week. Gary is a celebrated entrepreneur
"We'd built a $25 million business in a second, but I only paid myself $47,000 dollars a year, because if I paid myself $250,000
Answer by Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Best-Selling Author, on Quora: What people lack is self-awareness
Not long ago I posted this topic on social media - the response was massive. People are passionate about the word - they either love it... or hate it.
Forget 90 percent of what you've learned in social media marketing. It doesn't apply to Snapchat. There are no likes, comments or hashtags. Virality is a foreign concept. So are links and URLs.
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"If you really want to win, you need the extremes of the clouds ... and the dirt."