Gastric Bypass

Discriminating against people because of their weight is not limited to famous people in music videos. It's hard on everyday people who have had a lifetime of conditioning to not speak out and endured subtle and not so subtle insults.
Apparently, caring about kids' health is another position that just won't fly in an election year.
Two and a half years ago, Toronto resident Beth Beard decided to have gastric bypass surgery. She knew the process of losing
In my case, obesity was a symptom, and not the problem itself. I wish someone had told me before I had gastric bypass surgery that my real issues were shame and addiction. Getting thin wasn't my solution -- it was what made me miserable enough to finally get well.
August 2011 I was probably at my all-time high weight. I don't know exactly how much I weighed, since I stopped weighing when I reached 389 pounds. I am positive I weighed more than 400 pounds, but didn't want to know exactly how much over 400 pounds.
How can we truly get a respectful acceptance from others when we internally are being unjust to those in our own community?
"It's continued to get harder and harder," Alexis' mom told Fox News last year. "Every day there's something new that she
A children’s hospital in Ohio is getting ready to live-tweet an operation on a morbidly obese 12-year-old girl from Texas.
Also in the video above, Jill explains exactly why she doesn't regret getting surgery and reveals how strangers treated her
Alexis Shapiro (right) taking a walk with her mom, Jenny. But over the weekend, Alexis' heartbreaking battle went viral after