Gavin McInnes

Students aired safety concerns prior to an event featuring Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes and his violent gang. University administrators called it a speech issue.
Protesting students say the event could be dangerous given the Proud Boys’ history of violence at similar events.
John Kinsman and Maxwell Hare, both members of the extremist gang, were sentenced in Manhattan after attacking protesters at a GOP rally in October.
Officers manage to separate tense groups in dueling rallies.
The extremist gang claims it’s just a pro-Trump “drinking club.” But chat logs leaked to HuffPost reveal they plan weaponry and tactics months ahead.
Larchmont, New York, held an anti-racism event over the weekend. The Proud Boys founder was noticeably absent.
The Proud Boys founder's newest battleground is his neighborhood; his new enforcer is his wife, Emily McInnes.
McInnes is complaining that his neighbors' anti-hate yard signs are an attack on him and his family.
Footage shows members of the right-wing gang charging Antifa demonstrators, sparking the October violence, according to The New York Times.
The far-right bigot was kicked off Facebook and Twitter in recent months too.