Gay Ads

The soft drink gives its classic beefcake ad a fresh, inclusive twist.
A same-sex prom couple and two gay dads are among those featured in the campaign's first TV ad, which is directed by Academy
H/T AdWeek Adds Eugenia: "She is absolutely amazing and wonderful." Hallmark garnered praise from the lesbian, gay, bisexual
Among the activities the guys manage to check off on their joint to-do list: finding pirate treasure, riding jet skis, spooning
You can view the full post on One Millions Moms' website here. Before asking members to write a letter to Hotwire expressing
Selling quality products has nothing to do with a person's sexual orientation. In choosing to represent diversity, you are gaining a huge new market share of customers.
One Million Moms, which is best known for its failed boycott of JC Penney after the retail chain hired Ellen DeGeneres as
Nate Berkus and his fiancé Jeremiah Brent are breaking fresh ground in the fashion world as the stars of a new Banana Republic
Nordstrom came out in support of same-sex marriage last year, so it's only appropriate that the Seattle-based upscale clothing
The new clip shows two women tying the knot before one updates her surname within the Outlook program. "Things have changed
Gay men love Crate & Barrel -- and, evidently, romantic pasta dinners, too. Check out the photo from the catalog below, then
J.C. Penney, Lexus and General Motors were among the many honorees at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's (GLAAD
"My expectations of what Jill's life was going to be included a husband," Goldstein recalls. "So when Nikki came to ask permission
Amtrak's all-inclusive new advertising campaign is drawing praise in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) blogosphere
Still, Benetton officials argued that they intended the images to portray the concept of "unhate," fostering tolerance rather
Pick one universal day, Bennett urged. He recommended the last Saturday or Sunday in June, which would keep it close to the
View other LGBT-relevant ads, many of which were banned, from around the world below: Established in 1990, the Berlin-based