gay allies

Please raise your voices with us as we declare that intolerance and hatred are not acceptable.
I kept talking. My colleagues were getting uncomfortable. I was getting uncomfortable too, but I knew I shouldn't go silent. Society doesn't benefit when gay men yield their perspectives and worth to keep others comfortable.
Part of the "humor" in these forms of digital activism is that these guys are so straight that no one would ever actually think they are gay. In doing so, they actually shore up heterosexual privilege -- albeit in a new and unorthodox fashion.
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I am sorry for the legions of people who have said, done and prayed unimaginable, exclusionary and degrading things in the name of God. I am convinced beyond a doubt God loves each and every part of us as we are created, including our sexual identities.
There are many of us in the LGBT community who want allies, but do we extend ourselves to help the "other others," those people who are seemingly most unlike ourselves? Now that we as a community are gaining strength and more equality, it is time for us to become vocal and visible allies to other communities.
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"I thought it was a nice guide," she said at the time. "But it certainly wasn't how I was going to live my life." Alba has
As a transgender woman I get asked by gays and lesbians quite frequently how the T fits in the LGBT, and why transgender rights should be part of the larger gay agenda. Rather than shrug off the question, I take the time to actually answer.
The story of the LGBT community is a story of strength, endurance and compassion that leads all of us into this 21st century with a win for generations to come.
Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post and longtime supporter of the lesbian, gay, bisexual
Don't discuss "your gays" like nail polish or Tamagotchis. Don't "collect" gay friends, though they may add mounds of platonic goodness to that drab life of yours. Gay friends are not your personal magical, well-dressed accessories.
(h/t Towleroad) Just goes to show you -- choose your insults wisely! After an angry fan tweeted a homophobic slur when Major