Gay Bars

With COVID-19 forcing many cities to cancel and restrict Pride celebrations, owners of queer bars are finding innovative ways to celebrate the LGBTQ community.
Owners of The Stud promised to hold a "drag funeral" to mark the "end of an era" for LGBTQ nightlife in the California city.
The mail reinterprets "LGBT" to stand for "liberty, guns, beer and Trump."
"Opening a new LGBTQ space in America during a time when it’s very easy to feel alone is a feeling I wish we could bottle and share."
In Trump's America, "Southern Pride" couldn't feel more relevant.
Thanks to a hashtag campaign that has flooded Twitter recently, it's become clear that some women share a far more disturbing first with gay men: unwanted physical attention.
The phenomenal success of Pokemon Go has inspired me. I have developed a new game for the gay male community that combines the best features of the augmented-reality game Pokemon Go with gay hook-up apps like Grindr. I call it Pokemon Gay.
San Francisco could be losing another legendary gay bar.  Following a rent increase of 300%, the iconic gay bar The Stud
  After the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando on June 12, many gay voices were quick to declare the only safe spaces
I have needed all my courage to throw my shoulders back, hold my head up, and walk down the street, completely visible -- vitally visible -- in the days since waking to the nightmare in Orlando.