Gay Bars

Police said Kenneth Frye punched the alleged victim, who later struck his head on the sidewalk, after he was escorted out of the bar for being intoxicated.
The "No Time To Die" James Bond actor said he's "been going to gay bars for as long as I can remember.”
From 1933 to 1967, the state targeted bars that catered to LGBTQ patrons.
Keisha Young, 22, said she believes guards at Nellie's Sports Bar targeted her amid the city's LGBTQ Pride festivities after mistaking her for someone else.
With COVID-19 forcing many cities to cancel and restrict Pride celebrations, owners of queer bars are finding innovative ways to celebrate the LGBTQ community.
Owners of The Stud promised to hold a "drag funeral" to mark the "end of an era" for LGBTQ nightlife in the California city.
The mail reinterprets "LGBT" to stand for "liberty, guns, beer and Trump."
"Opening a new LGBTQ space in America during a time when it’s very easy to feel alone is a feeling I wish we could bottle and share."
In Trump's America, "Southern Pride" couldn't feel more relevant.