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Vassar enlightened me, educated me and made me feel accepted. I felt inspired to bring that feeling of inclusiveness to all those in the LGBTQIA+ community who are not quite as fortunate to find such a place to call home.
As a movement, we must free LGBT people worldwide and we need all our organizations to work together to make this happen as fast as possible. Lives are at stake.
Prominent gay blogger Mike Rogers, who became widely known for revealing the homosexuality of closeted gay politicians in the early 2000s, was reported over the weekend by U.S. News and World Report to be readying a story that will out a U.S. congressman, one of three allegedly closeted anti-gay politicians Rogers supposedly has information about.
I usually don't have to come out. When I walk into a room, people know I'm a dyke -- unless they mistake me for a dude. Whatev. But recently I had to decide whether to come out. Again. This happened when a reader of my anonymous blog was kind enough to send a post of mine to HuffPost.
We are helping to move rural and suburban Americans from just theoretically supporting same-sex marriage -- based on their sense of fairness, justice and goodness -- to actually liking, maybe even loving, us.
Is there a future for the gay news and politics sites and blogs that focus on and advocate for the LGBT community, or will we continue to see them consolidate -- or just disappear? Why are so many gay news sites finding it so challenging to stay afloat?
Indiana can be a lonely place to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, but the Internet has done wonders to connect our community around the state.
The DNC made the decision on blogging credentials: the real villain here isn't Towleroad. They're trying to provide the best coverage possible for their readers.