Gay Blood Donation

"I want to donate and I'm not allowed," the pop star said.
"I’m proud of my decision. I stand by it and I really look forward to giving blood.”
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday posted a request for public comment on what alternative blood donor deferral
Blood donation is one of many disproportionate governmental restrictions on poor and queer folks. We study truck drivers
It's World Blood Donor Day -- and men who have sex with men still can't donate blood.
Still, major restrictions will remain.
The skewed rationale behind the FDA's deferral of MSM is a reminder of the double standards inflicted upon LGBTQ individuals in American society. In addition to failing to meet the blood needs of potential transfusion recipients, a policy like this can also take a negative toll on the deferred population.
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The FDA's proposed policy change for blood donations by gay and bisexual men--from lifetime deferral to eligibility after a year of sexual abstinence--still makes no sense and will continue to stigmatize gay men.
The FDA's newly proposed policy -- which has been expected since December -- says men will have to wait at least one year
Gay and bisexual men want to contribute to America's blood stocks and have a vital role to play in keeping America healthy. We should demand that the FDA change its policy and keep stereotypes out of blood donation sites.
If men who have sex with men must be celibate for a year, then everyone else should be held to that standard too. If they can determine risk level for heterosexuals on a case-by-case basis, then they should do it for men who have sex with men as well. Assess the risk, test the blood, and treat everyone the same. It's really that simple.
Now that blood donation by gay and bisexual men will be permissible after 12 months of abstinence, the five-year deferral