Gay Conversion

How can there be a cure for something that is not a disease? That's all I could think as I watched a BBC news report from my living room in London about a New York church claiming to have a cure for homosexuality.
Alex Cooper looks back on her time in conversion therapy in her new book.
Watch the interview above. To read an in-depth investigation into gay conversion therapy, check out HuffPost's story "Straight
FosterClub is an advocacy organization aimed at keeping young people in foster care "connected, educated, inspired and represented
“These are adults," he said. "No one is forcing them to do this. And if they are in the program and they say they want to
Glenn agreed, noting, "This is child abuse. [Parents] should not have the ability to do that to their children, so obviously
The state's Republican delegates voted earlier this month to "recognize the legitimacy and efficacy of counseling [that] offers
Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), a member of the subcommittee, said Staver was blurring the line between religious freedom and
The effort to ban a controversial therapy that purports to make gay people straight is gaining momentum in Pennsylvania, say
"This was not an easy bill to get through," he noted. Lieu said he was hopeful that other Republican lawmakers, as well as
Gov. Christie signed a ban on gay conversion therapy emphasizing conversion therapy exposes children to health risks, outweighing potential benefits. More to the point, conversion therapy is child abuse risking depression, drug abuse and suicide. Senator Ted Lieu talks about why he supports a ban on conversion therapy in California.
The idea of a therapist "curing" patients of same-sex attractions through talk therapy goes back to a time when homosexuality
Conversion therapy has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years, not only in the form of lawsuits seeking to outlaw the treatment, but in the unequivocal opinion of mental health professionals that it is complete and utter nonsense.
Tomicki, who also serves as the executive director of the League of American Families, a group that advocates for conservative
When asked how he would respond to "a Christian suffering from same-sex attraction," Moore replied that Jesus is better than
The practice is currently under the spotlight in California, as well, where legislation was recently signed banning licensed
Jones explains this ideology in her blog post: "So-called 'ex-gays' publicly promote the notion that LGBT people are sinning
States continue to wrestle with illegal immigration. Pennsylvania will include a requirement that contractors on public works
“You have kids killing themselves because they think there is something is wrong with them,” Sweeney said while discussing