gay conversion therapy

The vision of Winners Chapel is to "liberate men everywhere from every oppression of the devil."
The actress says her Sundance award-winning “Miseducation of Cameron Post” should be the administration’s “biggest nightmare.”
The singer hits the big screen in "Boy Erased," alongside Nicole Kidman this fall.
The evangelical Christian charity Anchored North is targeting teens with anti-queer messages.
In the end, we must deal with the consequences of our words and silences. As a teacher, daily I pause from the lesson plan
The practice is now deemed a “deceptive and harmful” act.
People who think this practice is abhorrent but voted for the man behind it anyway, I am going to say this and I mean it absolutely: You are the same, the exact same, as the people who sent Anne Frank off to her death.
How did this happen? How did we get here? Conversion therapy is a blatant human-rights violation and a sheer demonstration of hatred. It is a hate crime.
Sexual orientation terms were first used in the medical community, but eventually made their way into mainstream thinking
Five states, the District of Columbia, Miami and Cincinnati have also banned the widely discredited practice.
The Republican platform is "the antithesis" of LGBT inclusion, she said.
Given that gay conversion therapy has been rejected by all major medical and mental health organizations for decades, Austin
Some days, I found the words of Dr. Phil, my conversion therapist, as well as the words of my Christian brothers and sisters
Many of the leaders of the conversion therapy movement were and are LGBT people pretending they had been cured because they
Alex Cooper looks back on her time in conversion therapy in her new book.