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The CNN host said he and Maisani broke up "some time ago."
As a mostly masculine, caucasian man from New York I had little pushback when I chose to live as an openly gay man. In fact, the majority of the time I forget I am part of a sexual minority.
There are times in my psychotherapy practice with gay men (individuals and couples) when I’m working with an individual, and
The two men of Matmos say there's "something very queer" about their new album.
The annoyance in his brow told me that my passive-aggression had been seen, but it was working against me. He began poking
"If you couldn’t identify to their love and feel it was real, then I would have failed."
Thirty years ago, Sage Sohier's photos aimed to dispel stereotypes about gay love in the 1980s.
In its ruling, the Supreme Court has finally granted access to Jefferson's promise from 239 years ago: the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
Only straight, cisgender* women are isolated, manipulated, emotionally abused, stalked, micromanaged, sexually coerced, and physically abused by their partners, right? Ah, no.
Rapper F. Virtue never thought he would get married. But after meeting his husband Tulio Machado at Frankie Sharp's weekly
In this heartwarming parenting ad from Wells Fargo, a lesbian couple prepares for motherhood together in the sweetest way
We've heard it all before, and these vloggers are here to explain why there are just some things you should never ask a gay
The Huffington Post chatted with Benjamin and Brandon this week about the photo series, their relationship and what life
We consider ourselves extremely lucky that we are both interested in managing our finances without an expensive adviser and wonder why so many people whether single or attached don't. With many couples it is usually one who is trying to get his or her spouse interested, or the differences are similar to ours, one is overly aggressive and the other is overly conservative.
“They want to protect their livelihood,” Sam said. “But there will be a time [when they come out]. There’s going to be a
Burtka is set to hit the stage of New York's 54 Below later this month in "Burtka, David," a new cabaret show directed by
First Comes Love will be available for purchase on Sept. 26. Head here for more information. Called First Comes Love, the