gay dads

They wore adorable matching shamrock pajamas, but their moods were different.
This is how a Frenchman and a Kiwi traded in coming home at dawn three nights a week for the quieter life of fatherhood.
"Marc Leandro lost his husband, Lin, earlier this month. Read his beautiful essay remembering their life together."
There is for every child, straight or gay, a moment when he or she stops believing that his/her parent is omniscient, and they start to push the boundaries. My son had been playing with that line for awhile. Then one day he called me a faggot.
"The two things you should embrace are patience and laughter."
"We were falling more in love with this tiny baby every minute, all the while operating on about 2 hours of sleep."
They just made history as the first black LGBT family to star in a major fashion campaign. 🙌
William and Rob open up about their beautiful family of five.
“We’re trying to keep up with our much younger child."
"When Crow came into our lives... it changed us and made us stronger..."