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The first question I always get asked is how coming out of the closet has been for me, so late -- as if being divorced means that I've just realized that I'm gay. The question comes with veneer of "oh, you poor thing" meaning "ooh, fresh meat." And of course I then say, "No, it's from a guy."
The commitment between two people is about the willingness to be fully in the relationship, not about the marriage license. A vital relationship reflects who we are and our particular and personal values. It can take many forms.
Many states, such as Massachusetts, don't have a residency requirement to get married, but do have one to divorce. Depending
In the first week of January, Florida joined 35 other states in legalizing same-sex marriage. This has been met with a celebration by many couples who have now finally experienced their marriage ceremonies after years of waiting. Another thing happened that day -- same-sex spouses in Florida filed for divorce.
"I mean, with gay marriage is going to come gay divorce," the comedian said. "It's just how it goes. Where's my parade?" In
After I divorced my husband, I was not very interested in going out and meeting guys. My priority was to take stock of my situation and figure out how I was going to proceed with my life -- adjusting to being a single dad.
By David Schwartz Beatie filed for divorce in 2012, seeking dissolution of his marriage with plans to marry his new girlfriend
Let's be clear: I hope that my last wedding book, The Gay Couple's Guide to Wedding Planning, goes on to sell a zillion copies
Robinson went public with his sexual identity and divorce from his wife in 1986. He has since been open about the heavy toll
Marriage is not just about tax benefits, social security, or health care rights. It's not just flowers and heart-shaped balloons. Marriage is also about having a legal means to end the relationship.
Now, however, Weir-Voronov is responding to his soon-to-be-ex-husband's remarks with a surprise claim of his own on Twitter
News of the split comes just weeks after Weir reportedly appeared in a New Jersey courtroom on charges of domestic violence
By Laura Miolla For Not too long ago, while driving in the car, my 5-year-old son told me about two of his
If something happened to me, my three children may not be allowed to experience each other as a family. In our quest to legally define families, it seems this protects the rights of the adults at the expense of the children. Shouldn't they be able to define the "reality" of their own relationships?
"Other Mothers," keep your hearts open. Your job is a tough one and filled with pain. But continuing to open your heart to your children -- no matter how you define "your" -- is well worth the risk.
Here are some ideas and examples from my dissolved and reconstituted same-sex-parents-headed family that can help parents in different households avoid feeling like one is "primary" and the other is, well, "other."
A judge in Mississippi refuses to grant a same-sex couple a divorce on the basis that they were married to California. Though marriage may be a relatively new phenomenon for same-sex couples, its newness doesn't mean divorce is any less necessary.
I'd like to think that gay and lesbian marriages are different, held together just a little more tightly by an extra dose of fairy dust and pink unicorn karma, but, alas, I don't think that's true.