gay elderly

The issues facing LBGT elders are unique and need to be addressed.
They've been there, they've done that and they've survived to tell us about it. So why aren't we listening?
Yet there are those who apparently believe they can score points with younger gay men by denigrating their own generation who witnessed and survived the devastation of the dark years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
I have worked with James in the months following David's death. I asked him how he was holding up. Was he doing OK? Is he grieving? James is a fighter, determined to move forward and pick up the pieces, but the mention of David's name swells his eyes with tears
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A group of elderly Spanish gay men are rebelling against the homophobia of their generation by setting up what will be the
Aging Americans have been affected on all fronts by the economic crisis, not only in housing but in cuts to health care, and the continued marginalization and lack of integration of people of color and, more so, LGBT elders of color into this dialogue.
Plans are finally underway for what is being hyped as Spain's first retirement community for elderly gay and lesbian residents