Gay Entertainment

"You don’t need to be gay to play, but it sure does help!"
"An entire language has developed from emojis -- and certainly not one that we always understand."
“Fame is a misshapen beast of a woman who wears heavy clogs and stomps on your dreams.”
Fox has become the very first broadcast television network to receive a grade of "excellent" by GLAAD.
Fox and ABC Family pass with flying colors at GLAAD, but no such love for A&E and The History Channel.
"GAY FIGHTER SUPREME" is available for purchase now on iTunes, Windows and Google Play. Check out the tailer above. “The
When it comes to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) representation in Hollywood, things are getting better -- but
Congrats, Logo! Logo TV announced its new programming slate on Saturday and, coinciding with the ten-year anniversary of
In a recent installment of his variety show, "The Meeting," Sayre suggests revampling the handkerchief color codes, which