gay families

One of the most radical forms of protest for LGBTQ people has always been, and will continue to be, simply living our lives proudly and out in the open.
An important part of what we do at Gays With Kids is to show off the incredible beauty of the diversity within gay dad families
We have our ups and downs like you do and make tough choices so that we can give our kid the best life possible. My life
Readers blasted Highlights for Children for deeming one woman's family a "situation."
"The good memories are the reminders of love. They keep us going..."
"Raising children has nothing to do with sexual orientation or gender identity. Good parents come in all forms."
I have learned that sacred places are all around me and most importantly within me.
The small screen won't be the same after these super moms have their way with it.
Meet Ebony, a 12 year old with a gay mom
Meet Guy, a 10-year-old with two moms
Riveting, award-winning feature documentary profiles kids in same-sex families and the challenges they face.