Gay Games

The one-week event drew more than 12,700 participants from 91 countries.
The former British colony beat out the U.S. and Mexico for the honor.
We may not be able to have a "Gay Olympics," but they can't stop us making the Olympics gay -- and slowly but surely we are.
It made me reflect on a time when I felt like I was alone, the only openly gay athlete at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I was the lone gay kicker on the football team, fighting for acceptance on and off the field.
The Importance Of LGBT Suicide Prevention Ashby Dodge and LT O'Brien join HuffPost Live to discuss the importance of LGBT
Tom Nobbe joins HuffPost Live to discuss the Gay Games.
Every four years the Gay Games brings a collection of athletes from around the world to one location - this year to Cleveland, a short six hour ride from New York City. When the opportunity to attend was presented itself, I jumped at the chance to meet so many LGBT athletes.
(h/t Instinct) Now this is pretty incredible. "I know some of you have come from place where it requires courage -- even
The games being held in Ohio is a personal symbol of progress. Here is this huge event that takes years to plan that is proudly being hosted in the place where I grew up (a very different message from the one I received when the state changed the constitution to ban same-sex marriage).
“This partnership allows the UCC to live out our values of diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance of all,” UCC director of
It isn't the first time taxi drivers have been at the epicenter of an anti-gay controversy. Last year, Steven White and his
The long-anticipated "Gay Games" in Russia began immediately following the closing ceremonies of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics
He added that the organisers would inform the sports ministry, the Moscow city government and the police of all the events
The 2014 edition -- which is a sporting and cultural event -- is being hosted by Cleveland and Akron in the United States
With equality high on the agenda, Britain is becoming a better and better place to be an LGBT person. And yet, I couldn't help noting it was disconcerting that only about 23 of the thousands of Olympic athletes in 2012 were publicly known to be gay.
In this edition of Weeklings!, I list off several new "gay games" that would make the event a one-of-a-kind homosexual experience. Hope you're ready to use the javelin in a new, exciting and potentially painful way.
The Gay Games is about much more than just a sporting event, and John Hickey confidently insists that Limerick is primed and ready to welcome both athletes and supporters alike in 2018.
Recently ranting during his podcast, The Ace Man presented his solution for screening the straights out of the Gay Games.
On Tuesday, the Federation of Gay Games announced Cleveland as their chosen city to host the 2014 games. The Gay Games, started