Gay Journalists

The 21st annual "Headlines & Headliners" was a star-studded benefit.
Some of media's biggest names gathered at New York's Prince George Ballroom for "Headlines & Headliners," the National Lesbian
And if you live in Washington D.C. -- or will be in town Saturday night -- drop by The Green Lantern (1335 Green Court NW
Just as Ellen DeGeneres chips away at homophobia on her talk show, Roberts will join the ranks of everyday heroes of our movement, just succeeding at being their authentic selves.
They would have also found a media landscape much more concerned with "balance" on the issue of gay rights than it is today
Anderson Cooper hosted CNN's New Year's Eve celebration with Kathy Griffin on Tuesday and there was no shortage of hilarious
As recently as 1989, tolerance for gays and gay jounalists was hardly prevalent. I would cringe at the gay jokes in the newsroom. A few years earlier I overheard a colleague tell a cameraman, "You better watch when you interview those gays. You don't want to catch AIDS, you know."
It is not Cooper who will clear the career paths for a new crop of out gay men and women; it is those journalists who paved the way for Anderson Cooper's career, which has been largely free of the burden of anti-gay discrimination. They are the original risk takers and role models.
Is someone who is straight (or closeted) any better able to cover a gay story? Every reporter has a long list of bias points. It is time we shatter this notion that being part of a minority group means you should not be able to cover that group.
CC: Where does a person go when their minister damns them to hell? How dare you have the audacity to damn a child to hell
Being openly gay does not necessarily mean more or favorable coverage of LGBT and HIV/AIDS issues.