gay kids

"If you try to come after my child, be warned, you will have to come through his mama."
The couple also discusses Magic living with a positive HIV status.
"It's all about taking a seemingly complex idea, reframing it for kids and making it fun!"
"You are normal, you are great, and you are worthy of love and acceptance."
"Queer entertainment for young kids barely exists -- I aim to change that."
A "boys will be boys" attitude offers little comfort to a kid suffering through school. My kid deserves better. All kids do.
After all, being a supportive mom isn't so B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
In 1977, there was no positive gay imagery in American culture. No movies or television shows had gay characters. "Coming out" was not a thing. I had no idea what homosexuality was. So ... Luke became my boyhood hero, my role model. He was someone who feels different and has a secret, like me.
The 1990s were full of empty promises: The economy was good. The internet was slow. Bill Clinton definitely did not have