Gay Kiss

David Yates said early audiences were left "perplexed" by the smooch.
Viewers are calling the We The Brave clip "disgusting" and "inappropriate."
"Dear Melanie, went to see the New York windows last night, and, OMG, met two gays! Real lives ones. Men!"
The lip-lock was aimed at "macho, hypocritical and prejudiced" people.
Check out the kiss above. (h/t Towleroad) According to The Backlot, the storyline between these two characters previously
She went on to cite the discussion with the co-creators, saying they are aiming to "push buttons with this show" and deal
Spain was listed as the country most accepting of homosexuality in an April Pew Research poll on global views on morality
During a recent episode of "Clarence," the network featured an (extremely) brief gay kiss between two characters -- on either
Two Italian gay rights activists have been charged with a public order offense for kissing at a protest in Perugia, Italy
One could interpret the ESPN report as indicative of increased social acceptance when it comes to public displays of affection
When Williams said he and Diego shared what he described as a peck, the driver immediately took offense. A gay Iraqi war
ABC US News | ABC International News Over the past seven years, the ABC series has tackled other LGBT issues and scenarios
A confident athlete simply stopped hiding. He enjoyed his man's support in his big moment. More important than cake, he smashed stereotypes.
My son needs to see kisses like this one, kisses of celebration between two men in love. There are too few of them in front of his eyes, and he needs to be able to see more. He needs to be able to see that his future will one day include kisses between him and a boy he likes, and one day a boy he loves.
Perfection is so overrated and boring. Call me twisted but during my quarter century in theatre, I loved it when things went wrong.