All 90 lbs. of my cousin Lisa is willing to travel across the country to New York, a state where her union to Therese, her partner of 15 years, will be acknowledged. But what about the people who don't have the means make their last dying wish -- a legally recognized wedding -- come true?
The day's significance — which also drew jubilant crowds to The Stonewall Inn in the West Village — convinced at least one
In 1976, Gail Marquis was playing on the first U.S. women's basketball team to compete in the Olympics. Around that time
Maloney is the first openly gay representative from New York. He was elected in November and is serving his first term. There
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This week I talked with producer Josh Rosenzweig and director Keren Aronoff about their new documentary, Pride & Groom, which commemorates the first anniversary of marriage equality in the state of New York and comprises four one-hour specials.
The primary elections for state legislature turned into a referendum, of sorts, on same-sex marriage. I'm sorry to say that gay rights had a bad day.
Prior to the state's enactment of same-sex marriage, a report from the State Senate's Independent Democratic Conference predicted
July 24 marks the one year anniversary of my marriage. My gay marriage. It's crazy to think that it's already been a year since the historic day when my husband and I, and over 800 other LGBT couples said, "I do" here in the State of New York.
Much to my surprise, I can no longer say that I don't want to get married. I always thought that not having to get married was one of the benefits of being gay. I have never imagined living fully within the fabric of my society. The rebel in me resists giving up my outlaw status.