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"He told me ... it kept away all the other 'sugar daddies' when they are out partying or at the club.”
The second you start telling me that I'm a bad guy -- and what's more, a bad gay -- if I don't "revere notions of the family and monogamy," we've got a big problem.
In a video from The Gay Bachelor Blog, which originally debuted in 2010 but is making the rounds on the Internet again this
It may seem like a bit of a contradiction -- waiting for marriage to have sex within a culture that doesn't even fully extend
"I had encountered young men...who were seeking to have unprotected sex with the objective of being infected with HIV," Bardo
Check out the full report here. Among the other revelations the data found: In 2002, 57 percent of men had not used a condom
What if a guy isn't a top, a bottom or even versatile? What about gay men who have never engaged in anal sex and never will, ever? I think they deserve a name of their own. I call them "sides," and they typically struggle with tremendous feelings of shame.
The truth is that gay men are connoisseurs of pleasure and geniuses of animal satisfaction, but there's one area where we haven't moved an inch: emotional intelligence. Though sexually sophisticated, many of us are emotionally naïve. Gay men have a blind spot against self-restraint.