America is going through LGBT civil rights boot camp, and it's making our society stronger. Change, like recruit training, is hard. The results are worth it.
"Everyone was cheering for me when they announced it over email," Sawicki told KNSD. "Everyone was very excited, very supportive
I live in Alabama, and as most people know the south can be a very conservative place. Aside from God's love, my family is the principal source of my happiness. Like many of the SEALs I have worked with, I am willing to fight and die to protect that. Unfortunately, this state does not recognize my family, a fact that is beyond disheartening.
In a meeting of Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and other White House officials shortly after Clinton took office, Gen. Carl
Documentary photographer Vincent Cianni offers a stark and stunning look at gay and lesbian service members in his forthcoming
"The LGBT Fallen Heroes Fund started because we needed a better way to handle the Memorial Service that we hold and we needed