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Over a hundred gay men descended upon the same Manhattan hotel last week for a “Scruff meet-up” of sorts, though probably
NOT JUST A DATING APP "It is not only a hook-up app any more, but also spreading knowledge about the community," said Raymond
"We're living in the age where mobile apps are a huge part of that, so it's something that's compelling from all sorts of
Online foreplay is a conversation that allows individuals to mutually share their fantasies and sexual wants. Users can erotically turn each other on while trying to express their desires and sexual practices. This online foreplay becomes a way to negotiate one's sex life.
I wanted to explore this new world of gay dating and sex culture and look at both its personal implications and universal
It is unreasonable to expect people to become attracted to every kind of look, but it is still better to try and fail than to defend brazenly racist attitudes in the name of "preference."
We live in a world where if one little thing rubs you the wrong way about someone you're dating, you can get on your device and shop for someone else. People are so busy running from person to person that no one's holding still long enough to see whether they actually like who's in front of them.
I talk with Ji Wallace, the 2000 Olympic silver medalist in trampoline from Australia. After coming out publicly as gay in 2005, Ji came out again last year as HIV-positive. In this episode Ji talks about running the L.A. marathon, online dating sites and speaking up for people with HIV/AIDS.
It's hurtful when gay men act the way they do online. I'm proud of myself each time I am upfront, honest and disclose my status. It's not an easy thing to do, but I have come to terms with who I am, and I am not ashamed.
It seems his company's decision to launch a separate service for gay and lesbian singles called Compatible Partners in response
I recently deleted my Grindr and Adam4Adam profiles. Ever since sobering up, I've had little to no sex drive, but my lack of sex drive is really a blessing in disguise. I'm no longer wasting hours (and I mean hours) of my life seeking the next big fling.
I decided to explore gay dating sites, but I felt like I needed a bottle of Purell after visiting them. I am no prude, but I was at a point in my life when I yearned for something substantial, so I channeled my frustration into building my own relationship-focused dating site for the LGBT market.
I am at my local hipster restaurant, in Park Slope. The young straight guys next to me are talking about how the dating website
As long as our members cannot enjoy the same benefits and recognition as their fellow citizens we will be campaigning. That our billboards have been banned around the country was very surprising, and showed me what the LGBT community has been up against for so long.
As British prime minister, David Cameron visits Saudi Arabia today, activists report the plight of a man arrested by the
Whether you want to fall in love and get married -- which I did -- or simply acquire some nice booty action, this guide is for you. It's tailored to lesbians, but we can think of it as a guide for "the lesbian inside all of us."
What if you're too effeminate or too Goth and you know most guys aren't into that? Here's how to, ahem, massage the truth, without actually lying.
The only way to make sure that you're body is in sync with your words and intentions is to be aware of your actions, gestures, and expressions. The question is, how?