gay parents

Rob Scheer and his husband fostered and adopted four kids. Here's how their "forever family" is educating others.
Because of our unique situation, parenting has been been interesting, to say the least.
The "Nate & Jeremiah by Design" hosts are on double dad duty.
"We cannot sit back when there is an opportunity for us to contribute some good."
"Marc Leandro lost his husband, Lin, earlier this month. Read his beautiful essay remembering their life together."
The state of Mississippi has made it legal for business owners and service providers to discriminate against my child before she even weighs a pound.
"My life was never horrible, it was just different."
Disney "should not introduce this to young children," One Million Moms say.
"I want you to know that even though some people don’t understand a family like ours, our family is perfect and whole and healthy."
Henry Amador-Batten said the accusations put his family "in danger."