gay pastor

Five years into their marriage, Tiffany's husband, a pastor, told her he was gay. Later, he confessed to having multiple affairs with men. Now, she just wants to know one thing.
Iyanla Vanzant helps a 42-year-old man sort through decades-old pain.
"You can be a lot of things in the black church, but, Lord, do not be gay."
Karl Landis, pastor of Mount Joy Mennonite Church in Mount Joy, Pa., said he expects the move to pose a dilemma and “rough
Somehow in telling my own story, and for me in being as out and proud of my Christian story as I am of my gay story, it allows others to find their stories too. In that finding, in that telling, I believe we find God, and Jesus at work.
The Presidential Inaugural Committee has included a gay pastor and a number of LGBT supportive faith leaders in the inauguration