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"In those 5 months, I didn't spend a single cent on accommodation. Everyone was so nice and let me crash with them. Its so nice to have a little group of friends across 11 cities now."
Personally, I hope that the Grove and the Pines remain mostly LGBT-majority communities. No, I am not meaning this in any
Head here to read more on “Follow Me,” and be sure to check out Gray Malin’s official site, too. “As a travel photographer
A new book of photographs that documents and tells the stories of enduring relationships within the lesbian, gay, bisexual
How has photography over the years functioned as a tool to form a collective queer consciousness? Photographs have stood
People who'd lived through those years -- and folks who moved to the Castro in droves to join the party -- didn't forget
A groundbreaking new book by Eric Politzer is currently in production and it provides a platform for the captivating performers
Are there images that you decided were too intimate or private to include in the series? Well, yes, there are other moments
All images are from Casa Susanna edited by Michel Hurst and Robert Swope, published by powerHouse Books. "Through these wonderfully
"The Gay Men Project" is a large-scale photography endeavor from Kevin Truong that aims to document the lives and experiences of gay men on a global scale.