The list of Latina and Latino LGBT activists is long and distinguished, one that probably begins with Tony Segura, who founded
Brands big and small, and companies local and global showed their support for #PrideMonth this weekend in New York, and the support never felt so good. The endless rainbow flags brought great comfort to us all. Here's a little sampling from the weekend.
The LGBT community suffered one of the most heinous displays of hate our country has ever witnessed. Many would react with anger, and justifiably so. It was love, though, that swept over LA on that cool, cloudy June morning.
We can no longer let our parents, co-workers, friends, and school children be stolen by violence. We cannot let another life be claimed.
As we joined the march, I looked over at my father, a man who had been proud in his youth, but now a man who was a different, more loving kind of proud. A man who understood that being a father is supporting your kids, providing a toast at their wedding -- even if it's another groom to whom he's toasting.
Pride is when we show that no matter what is thrown at us, we won't be ashamed. We have pride to show the world that we are not embarrassed about who we are.
In Orlando and throughout our land, we hear the prophet's voices of lamentation and bitter weeping as we absorb the horrific news of 50 lives lost and 53 more seriously wounded. Our hearts break for all the dead, wounded, and traumatized by this carnage, and pray for God's strength and consoling mercies.
Nashville Pride, Tennessee - June 24 to 26, 2016 Photo: Nashville Pride Start planning now to kick off next year's Pride
"Laissez les bons temps rouler" is not just a saying in New Orleans, it's almost a command. Let the good times roll at NOLA
Get inspired to celebrate Pride year-round (because one month is not enough!) and check out the amazing rainbow manis below