gay reparative therapy

Civil rights groups argue that the business' claims have no basis in reality.
Because of its gay-friendly content, QQ, China’s most popular social media network, refused to post the video on its homepage
I spent nearly 20 years disgusted with pesky, relentless, unwanted attractions to other men. I turned to church and Jesus to make me "normal" in hopes that I would like women more. It took me years to recognize just how much harm I done in suppressing and demonizing my desires for other men.
When Ryan Kendall, a young gay man living in Denver, heard the news back in 2008 that the Califor­nia Supreme Court had ruled in fa­vor of the freedom to marry, he reached out to us, and we soon learned that, as a 14-year-old boy, he had survived brutal so-called "conversion" therapy to change his sexual orientation.
“First is jobs, second is schools, three is roads, transportation and water, and four is making sure our border is secure
Unlike in California and New Jersey -- the two states that currently ban the practice -- Pennsylvania has both a Republican
"Not only does conversion therapy not work, but it can result in suicidal thoughts, actual suicide, guilt, depression and
Legal experts say that the future of both laws depends on whether the judges who hear these challenges view talk therapy
Exodus International leader Alan Chambers apologized recently for the harm done to LGBT people by the so-called "ex-gay" movement. In that moment, the face that came to mind for me was the bruised, burned and emaciated face of 15-year-old Raymond Buys.