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Long a symbol of the LGBT movement in Russia, the heavily made-up face of Putin has just been banned by Moscow. The original photographer Platon describes what taking Putin’s portrait was like, and his delight in its use at protests.
"You have to have a common enemy. It's what bonds people together."
Long before Stonewall, the quest for community began.
Her cogent investigative style encompasses the breadth of a hidden, disparate and despised community that transformed itself into a powerful civil-rights movement.
The idea that the majority is under attack is reinforcing to anyone who stands on the brink of losing unearned privileges they have long taken for granted. It hurts to be taken down a peg, to discover you're no better, no more deserving, than anyone else. Better to lash out, mobilize the masses. Misdirect them at an imagined enemy. Anything to maintain that privilege.
0:00 - Introduction 1:01 - A Brief History of LGBT Rights in Congress 6:30 - Don't Ask Don't Tell: A Major Setback 9:03 - The
Danny was never able to forget what it meant to be a homeless teen. He overcame homelessness and built a good life for himself, but he bore the scars in his psyche, and in his body. He contracted hepatitis while he was homeless; it shortened his life.
For queer people, in many ways, there has never been a time in history like the present. Although oppression and inequality
No matter who you are or how insignificant you may feel, your existence has already done more for this cause than you think. When fatigue sets in, remember that.
Mothers and Sons, refreshingly imagines a world that the backyard barbecue guests of my childhood could probably never have imagined
"I do feel like this is the defining civil rights movement of our time," Ferguson says. "In every civil rights movement, it
The fury that Bay Windows editor Sue O'Connell's piece "Sharing our experience: White gay men and black men have more in common than they think" ignited raised this query: Can white LGBTQs suggest or give advice to communities of color from their own experiences of discrimination?
Watch the trailer for the documentary below: It was much different than the swinging '70s and violence and brutality towards
Marriage is a means for rich people to consolidate and concentrate their wealth, one of many ways to enforce the status quo. That the Supreme Court justices' decision comes at a time when families are being eviscerated by the wealthy should give progressives some pause.
AS WE HEAD into the anniversary of our nation’s independence, gay Americans can count two new freedoms — this week, the U.S
By exposing its challenges, OutServe-SLDN, the association of LGBT military personnel, veterans, and their families, figured out a way to reinvigorate its mission -- and thus may have revealed the way forward for the larger LGBT movement as more and more of our legal objectives are achieved.
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Both gay and disabled people have had a lifelong struggle with the hegemony of normality. Gay and disabled people were compelled by their families, communities, and culture to "pass" or "overcome" their deviant classifications, which is what the dominant culture sought from them.