gay rugby

South Africa's Jozi Cats push the envelope with their new campaign.
Being excluded from sports at a young age can have detrimental effects academically and mentally. Participation in team sports help LGBT youth's high school GPA and even help prevent depression and anxiety at a time they are especially susceptible.
  Last week, British rugby player Keegan Hirst gained international attention when he came out of the closet, becoming Britian's
700 sportsmen took part in the Union Cup in Brussels. Winners are the Kings Cross Steelers from London - but its about much more than just winning!
Ruggers from around the world descended upon Australia this week in training for the Bingham Cup, the "World Cup" of gay
For more information or to purchase a calendar, visit The Seattle Quake's website. As an organization, the Seattle Quake
With the 2014 Bingham Cup occurring in Sydney, Australia, the gay rugby organization released their annual calendar in an