Gay Songs

Let's hope it doesn't end with Grammy-winning duo's latest.
The Grammy-winning duo's latest could break fresh ground in mainstream pop.
The sentiment of the song recalls Harry Chapin's 1974 classic, "Cat's in the Cradle," while the almost staid visuals contrast
Chicago-based blues musicians Terry Abrahamson and Derrick Procell hope their new ditty spreads a message of lesbian, gay
Nobody is saying these tragedies are your fault, Mr. Eminem. But I can guarantee you that somewhere some child is listening to you sing about breaking tables over the backs of faggots.
Pride month is ramping up to its climax this upcoming weekend, and you probably need some help cultivating your iTunes/Spotify
"What if every single gay in all of the world got together for a day on the biggest gayest dancefloor?" That's the question
To find out how you can participate in a special "Brave" campaign that lets you share your own story of being brave, click
But what if it wasn't just the lyrics you'd bungled? What if you found out you were completely clueless about what one of
2011 was a great year for music -- especially music from gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans artists. Before the year comes
So, we dug through our record collections (and YouTube) -- to find the gayest Christmas songs we could get our hands (and