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Years of the NHL’s LGBT good will is again questioned, this time by sending the 2018 Draft to Texas.
In many ways, high schools have been a central battleground of the movement to secure LGBT non-discrimination protections
Michael Stack cited a Bible passage that claimed gay people "deserve to die."
It’s no secret that Republicans and the religious right would like the LGBT community to go away.
Because none of my coworkers or students knew I was trans, I thought I’d be immune to the effects of government-sanctioned
In a survey of 50,000 teens, some 70 percent reported abusive behavior across months of a notably angry presidential campaign.
As students across the country zip up their backpacks and get on the bus for their first weeks of school, many will have more to focus on than memorizing their new schedules or making it to homeroom on time.
"We’re not just a club. We’re a family."