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Looking for a little helping getting laid? You might not have to look any further than what you're cooking for dinner. Logo
To have set a gay-themed comedy/drama in San Francisco was Looking's first mistake. In an attempt to offer a more complex and varied representation of modern gay adult life on television, the show was undone by its iconic location.
In recent years, more and more queer content is making its way onto the airwaves. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
A second series of "Queer As Folk" aired in the UK in 2000, in which Hunnam reprised his role, and since then he's been busy
The creator of HBO's "Girls" has revealed her Top 10 Favorite Films over on The Criterion Collection's website. While there
Logo has decided to say goodbye to its original raison d'être: gay-focused television. Given the current state of Logo's programming, the decision just may be a blessing in disguise for the gay rights movement.