gay tolerance

This was the first time that someone had apologized to me in the face of misjudging my sexuality. It was a tiny blip on the map for LGBT equality, but it felt like much more. It felt indicative of a seismic shift in consciousness that's slowly but surely occurring.
Abdelwahid Benbouziyane and Kamal Fizazi joins HuffPost Live to discuss masculinity and homosexuality in the Arab world.
Researchers found that a staggering 88 percent of participants in Spain felt that homosexuality should be accepted, followed
It's no longer sufficient for our straight friends to say, "I have no problem with you being gay," or, "I have gay friends." What we really need is for LGBT people and our allies to stand together and say that enough is enough when it comes to homophobia.
Sometimes I think that we gay people forget how long it took some of us, if not the majority of us, to accept our own sexuality. Why is it that we expect our family, friends and the entire country to immediately accept it just because we have?
With politicians there is a lot talk of "acceptance" and "tolerance" when it comes to homosexuality. I accept the fact that I have to pay taxes. I tolerate the fact that I have to go to the dentist. Why should either of those words apply to how a parent feels about their child?
"I was making a declaration. I wanted to model to people that this was not something I was ashamed of -- that it was actually
See the full letter below: As for his grade? He scored a perfect 100. His teacher returned the paper with a supportive response
Over the holiday break I spent time with friends, family and other loved ones who have supported and loved me without reservation over the years. However, three separate encounters led me to question what I had come to know about support as opposed to true understanding.
Vocabulary alone can't fix our problems. But being mindful of what words do is a great start to making the world the kind of place that will embrace these kids so that they can embrace the world right back.
If we want to make the world a more tolerant place, gays do need to be more visible, and not just in the Castro. There is enough room to challenge people's attitudes without breaking the law or ending up as a censored YouTube clip. A sweet kiss is enough.
Accepting people for who they are seems to me to be what Christmas ought to be about. As a nation, we still aren't doing that with gay men and women in the military services.