gay web series

"It's all about taking a seemingly complex idea, reframing it for kids and making it fun!"
"Romantic relationships are changing, and we’re suggesting that the whole system may need to change with them."
Ours was supposed to be a show celebrating the one-year anniversary of marriage equality, capturing the giddy elation (for us) and exasperation (for 'them') of that day last year when Obama announced the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of marriage equality. But now, it almost feels like a requiem.
"We not only hope to inspire LGBTQ youth to take action, but we also aim to create opportunities for more minorities to be able to shape and produce media."
n this week's episode of Go-Go Boy Interrupted, Danny finds himself in the lion's den of the "Mean Gays." Will he measure up and cross over to the "cool table?" Or will he find himself torn to shreds?
And in an era where we are reminded daily of how polarized the country can become, I doubt that humor can hurt -- at all
"It feels simultaneously like a completely new project but also like a natural evolution from the first season..."
In this original web series set in rural Virginia, Maybelle discovers herself for the first time and fights for the woman she loves.