As an Independent candidate, Schweitzer could consolidate many Sanders supporters. He could also bring disaffected non-voters into the voting fold, siphon off some potential Trump supporters, and attract to Libertarian and quasi-Libertarian voters.
Is "Gaydar" real? For a very long time I didn't think so. I simply assumed it was people keying on silly stereotypes, and I hate when people do that. So to me it was simple: With no snap judgements, there is no gaydar.
A new study provides some insight.
Gender and sexuality are two separate things. Attempting to connect one with the other is wrong, and we have to stop doing it.
"What makes you think this guy might be gay?" In the last five years, I have never heard a good answer. Then I will call on common sense: "If he's gay, why in the world would he be interested in you?" I've never gotten a good answer to that one, either!
While the general relevance of gay culture for gay people tends to recede as homophobia rapidly falls off and integration speeds up, it shouldn't be a surprise that the world of anonymous sex persists and in fact flourishes. Like camp, it's the slutty sensibility of a culture of (too much) choice.
My gaydar should be stronger than ever, but a strange phenomenon is now occurring. As celesbians like Ellen get more glam-dyked out and less butch, and as pink becomes the new black for metrosexual men with their murses, my gaydar is getting blocked by static.
The results showed that pupil dilation matches the pattern seen in genital arousal studies. In men, this pattern is generally
While many of us LGBTQ people use our gaydar in a tongue-and-cheek way to poke fun at each other, or to brag about our accuracy in spotting each other, we're basing these assumptions on socially constructed signifiers that are also used to discriminate against us.
When my 7-year-old son first announced to us he was gay, the response from the people in our lives, the people who are important to us, was overwhelmingly positive. But now that time has passed, about six months, a few people are starting to change their tune.
When looking at upside-down faces, people were still able to guess their sexual orientation correctly at rates better than
HuffPost Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria details scientific attempts at quantifying human attractiveness, including facial beauty, ideal proportions, and whether or not "gaydar" can be measured.
2012-01-30-Screenshot20120130at8.32.22AM.jpgWhat is beauty? This question has plagued philosophers and artists for millennia. And now, modern scientists think they're close to figuring it out.
"Gaydar" -- real or fictional -- is the tool or process by which some claim they can "sniff out" gay people based on a look
In addition to facing allegations that his Christian clinic endorses so-called "ex-gay" reparative therapy, Marcus Bachmann
I would be worried if I was a heterosexual woman and my boyfriend had an underwear collection that had him traipsing around the house like Giselle. Yeah, its a problem. Plain and simple.