gaza airstrikes

You can be against the violence without being "pro-Israel"or "pro-Palestinian."
Alyona & guests discuss the latest on Flight MH17, which was shot down over Eastern Ukraine, and the escalating attacks on Gaza by Israel. We examine the ramifications of these conflicts that have now affected lives from every corner of the world.
A reminder that there are moderate voices coming together in support of peace.
“Unemployment is high. Power is out every day. The borders are closed, we have no right to travel. We’re held against our
Israel said about a dozen rockets and mortar bombs were fired from Gaza on Monday, wounding one soldier. AIR STRIKES GAZA
As I make my way back down the heavily damaged building, an elderly man leaves his apartment and walks slowly down the blood-stained stairs. He looks sadly at the memorial candles at the bottom, and whispers a few words, and then continues on to the synagogue to pray.
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Twenty-six soldiers have now come forward to talk about their combat experiences in the Gaza War, and their testimonies are radically different from the official version given by Israel Defense Force spokesmen.
A UN inquiry into possible war crimes in Gaza will go ahead even if Israel does not co-operate, says Richard Goldstone, who
A Palestinian doctor whose three daughters were killed by Israeli troops in the Gaza war has been nominated for the Nobel