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The Israeli military said militants fired over 600 rockets into Israel, and Israeli forces launched 260 airstrikes against targets in Gaza.
Sixty people were killed during Monday's clashes, which took place during the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.
After nine days in jail, Ayman al-Aloul says he won't be writing about politics anymore.
Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is likely to face significant political problems at home and a far less empathetic diplomatic environment abroad once the guns fall silent in Gaza.
In a 24/7 media world, the victims have faces and families...
The totals are "more people than in the fighting five years ago," during Israel's last major incursion into Gaza, Gunness
While there have been injuries reported in Israel, the country has kept its death toll at zero, mostly thanks to its Iron
Gaza, Palestine Photographer: Loulou d’Aki Despite the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, people in
Raw sewage has flooded streets in a southern Gaza City neighborhood in recent days, threatening a health disaster, after a shortage of electricity and cheap diesel fuel from Egypt led the Hamas government to shut down Gaza’s lone power plant, causing a pump station to flood.
The political split paralysed the legislature and mostly prevented the passing of new laws in Gaza and the West Bank. Hamas
If peace does break out on a permanent basis, the ceasefire holding, if the blockade is lifted and freer movement occurs, Gaza might be the most interesting place in the world for tourists to visit, to catch up on both their tans and history.
Democracy Now! talks to award-winning journalist Mohammed Omer about the extreme price being paid by the Gazan citizens in the wake of continued Israeli air strikes.
Aside from its tunnel network, Gaza imports via Israel. U.N. figures show, for example, that 46,500 tonnes of building materials
Most of Gaza's fishermen will complain about the restrictions in the Gaza sea. They are currently only allowed to fish about three miles away from shore, though according to previous treaties, Gazan fishermen should be allowed to go up to 12 miles in the water.
Gaza Freedom March participants are calling their supporters around the world to contact Egyptian embassies and urge them to free the marchers and allow them to proceed to Gaza.
If Gaza is saturated with tradition, and blessed with generous impulses, it is galvanized by politics. Until several years
However, the soldiers now coming forward are putting an emphasis on the fact that they are not anonymous, and they describe
Twenty-six soldiers have now come forward to talk about their combat experiences in the Gaza War, and their testimonies are radically different from the official version given by Israel Defense Force spokesmen.
It was a summer Wednesday evening and Muhammad al-Ghreiz, 22, was getting his eight-member team ready for a breakdance show