Gaza conflict

Too many people in our part of the world have given up on the idea of seeking peace. They live with a mixture of denial and apathy. But this won't work in the long run. More people will have to realize the benefits of peace.
No longer are journalists the unique ones receiving and sharing information through paper and ink. Millions of people are now able to reveal news, share footage and tell stories.
Both Israel and Egypt view Hamas as a security threat and are demanding guarantees that weapons will not enter the economically
It's hard to shake away the utterly depressing feeling that comes with news coverage these days. IDF and Hamas are at it again, a vicious cycle of violence, but this time it feels much more intense. While war rages on the ground in Gaza and across Israeli skies, there's an all-out information war unraveling in social networked spaces.
When entering into discussion, it's crucial to separate the politics of the situation from generalizations about the people
An Indian TV crew says it was able to film Palestinian militants setting up a rocket launcher outside a Gaza hotel on Monday
How can this humanitarian crisis be remedied? We have some small interventions for now but because of the situation on the
The message that "let not the enmity of a people incite you to act other than with justice" is the only true means of uniting nations.
As tensions rise in the Middle East, mosque groups in the Netherlands are calling for tolerance from their congregations
Netanyahu faces intense pressure from abroad to stand his forces down. The United States and the U.N. Security Council have