gaza ground offensive

In Israel I am considered to be a lefty who hates his own country. In the States I'm an occupier whose every attempt to dialogue is normalizing the occupation and diminishing the Palestinian struggle.
I think about what we all think about -- more than anything, first and foremost, all these innocent children being killed
Hamas has rejected Egyptian efforts to end fighting, saying any deal must include an end to a blockade of the coastal area
"I'm not worried. I'm in my country,” she said defiantly. "I'm not afraid. God will protect us.” Becky Kupchan, a 27-year
Alyona & guests discuss the latest on Flight MH17, which was shot down over Eastern Ukraine, and the escalating attacks on Gaza by Israel. We examine the ramifications of these conflicts that have now affected lives from every corner of the world.
"We are working to find a framework so that both sides agree," Shukri said. He did not say what form a broadened offensive