It is clear why the Russians would have been motivated to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.
Here are some things to remember about him: With his continued career success tied to Russia, Karapetyan is unlikely to take
IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: India's Prime Minister praises environmental responsibility to Congressional Republicans; Bankrupt
Score one for public engagement in a former Soviet country. Grassroots protests over Georgian leaders' plans to cozy up closer to the Russian energy giant Gazprom have led to the government dropping those plans.
This is a story of Latvia, but with a lesson beyond. People with power in the energy sector meet people with political power, and the character of Latvia as a reliable Western partner, one that is resilient to Russia's carrots and sticks, is tested mightily.
We discover, laid bare by an expert, the inner workings of the staggering extortion scheme that is the heart of Putin's system, and we understand that the act of revealing those workings is the most unforgivable crime in the country.
The EU and the United States need to adopt extended, better defined, and more comprehensive energy technology sanctions with urgency, especially if Putin decides to invade Eastern Ukraine under the pretext of humanitarian assistance.
Hampton Sides has written one hell of an Arctic adventure story. In the Kingdom of Ice is the tale of Lieutenant George Washington De Long and his crew aboard the USS Jeannette who, in 1879, attempted to find the North Pole through the Arctic.
Certainly it is not in the best interest of the U.S. for its allies to be dangerously dependent on monopolistic imports from Russia or anywhere else. However, instead of sending a clear message that LNG export licenses and American energy leadership are coming, the U.S. Senate has put off addressing legislation on LNG exports until September.
For some time now, we have been aware of such things in the form of submarine passages and territorial claims in the Arctic
A specter is haunting Washington, an unnerving vision of a Sino-Russian alliance wedded to an expansive symbiosis of trade and commerce across much of the Eurasian land mass -- at the expense of the United States.
The Russian economy may not be able to finance the Kremlin's ambitions in Eastern Europe for much longer because the country's oil and gas output is no longer a strong support of growth.
Washington's approach in both Syria and Ukraine is hamstrung: shaky international coalitions, dubious local allies, tenuous overreach, and failure to defend even the reddest of lines are no match for Russian troop movements and "protection."
Russian President Vladimir Putin said he doesn't think the European community can do without the natural gas it gets from energy monopoly Gazprom. With a Russian economy starting to decline, however, it may be Gazprom that's too strongly interconnected to the European market to break free.
Two forces have driven our consumption-based growth, measured as gross domestic production, expanded our ability to fertilize and protect our crops from disease, and created new products and processes that have transformed our traditional occupations.
The crisis in Ukraine has only highlighted the need for both Europe and Russia to diversify beyond Gazprom's gas exports to Europe.
It is highly unlikely that the Western governments will seek to use energy commerce with Russia as an instrument of leverage with Russia. The cost-benefit calculations that lead to devalue that tactic conceivably could change were the crisis to deepen.
Putin and Yanukovich agreed then that Moscow would offer financial aid and reduced gas prices to help Ukraine, in an attempt
The sudden rate rise should not stop soon According to Alexandre Razouvaev, head of Alpari’s analytical department, “Gazprom